Cat Behavior Problems – Cat Spraying

Cat spraying or cat marking can be a very annoying problem to solve. Even though spraying is a natural cat behavior, a natural part of their communication system, and it is important for cats, it can be very unpleasant for cat owners, especially because of the distinct odor a spraying cat leaves behind. Usually, male cats are more inclined to spray, but both genders do it.

Many Reasons For Cat Spraying

Cat’s can spray for a number of reasons. If your cat is marking something it may be due to stress or due to the need to mark their territory. If your cat is spraying, it is important that you understand why they are doing it so that you can find a way to solve the problem.

Cat Spraying Because Of Stress


Many cats spray when they are stressed out. If you recently moved into a new house the cat may be very nervous in new environment and end up spraying your furniture or the walls as a result. This behavior can also be due to the fact that your cat needs to make sure that this new environment is their territory and it is safe. And by spraying they make it feel more like their home. Other reasons cat can get stressed out and spray is new visitors in the house, a new baby in the house, or even something like a change in the household routine.

Some cat repellent can help you solve your cat spraying problem:

Multi-cat Home And Breeding Season

If you have more than just one cat in your home, spraying will most certainly be present because each of your cats are marking their territory setting the limits for the other cats in the house.

Another reason your cat might be spraying is breeding season. When cats are ready to mate, they release pheromones through spraying so that they find a mating partner.

Having your cat neutered can solve the spraying problem altogether and free your home from unpleasant smells. However, it is always good to identify the reason for spraying before taking action. Consulting a vet before undertaking anything is the right thing to do when faced with a cat behavior problem. Sometimes solving a behavior problem can turn out to be a matter of you changing something in your home or your conduct, so consult a professional and do your homework before undertaking anything.


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